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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.  The essence in each of us is a profound connection between Mind, Body and Soul and this is the overarching theme in my books and blogs here.  My aim is to explore this in a fun, insightful and challenging manner to elevate awareness with a message of hope and inspiration.

We constantly need to focus on the dynamic between these three fragile, yet integral, components.  They are the three pillars of life and inextricably linked for overall wellbeing and happiness: Challenge the Mind, exercise the Body and nourish the Soul.  Think of your Mind, Body and Soul as three critical legs of a stool and when one fails to hold up we fall out of balance.  Life is a continuous process of managing this precarious balance and being mindful of this relationship will help us all achieve optimal results towards success in life.

With this premise as the foundation for all my writing, my hope is to inspire you to discover your passion and challenge you to find your true calling in this universe.  Each of us must find this on their own, but if we are all alone, we are all together on this journey too.

Just as I aspire to in life, my website will be a dynamic work in progress so please continue to check back for updates.  Your feedback is always appreciated so please feel free to comment on my posts and/or email me at mdvincenti@gmail.com.